Network Security Services

Network Penetration Testing

Network Security Services

We offer comprehensive network security services here at JMG. Our staff is very skilled and we only employ certified security professionals with a results-oriented focus and a long track record of success in finding vulnerabilities in network systems!

  • Monthly vulnerability scanning

    Monthly scanning to ensure that your network moves, adds and changes do not introduce new vulnerabilities to your network.
  • Network penetration testing

    Let us attempt to exploit vulnerabilities in a safe manner. We will then give step by step remediation assistance for each item discovered.
  • Complete network assessments

    Complete inspection of network environment to determine areas for improvement.
  • We perform services for all businesses!

    We offer comprehensive information security services here at JMG. We cater to all business and government markets and enjoy assisting them in reducing risk and better securing their operations.

Remote System Administration

Remote Administration Provided Off-Hours

This ensures minimal disruption to your business!

Secure servers and endpoint devices

Secure servers and endpoint devices to minimize system downtime

99.9% UPTIME

Guaranteed uptime for monitored systems

System Uptime

Apple (99.9%)
Windows (99.9%)
Linux (99.9%)